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Most people never take the time to have a professional family portrait taken.  Your children will grow up much too fast, but you can preserve this moment in time with a portrait you will treasure for a lifetime and be proud to hand down from generation to generation.

As always, you will want to keep the clothing simple and pattern free so that your family's faces stand out in the portrait.  For babies and young children, you may choose overalls, jeans and a white shirt for boys and a dress and a pretty hat or headband for the girls.  For adults try to choose long sleeves and solid colors.  A v-neckline is always attractive for the woman for it elongates the neck.  Please come with your makeup done.  You can do last minute touch ups when you arrive.  Men should shave prior to the session, especially if it's scheduled at the end of the day.  Five o'clock shadows are almost impossible to remove in your portraits.  Keep your outfits in the same tonal range.  In other words, you all want to be in the same, rather than in contrasting colors.  The main thing is to always have fun and remember that the family portrait is not just for today, it is for your family to cherish in the future as well.

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