Commonly Asked Questions

What do most people invest in?

That is totally your decision.  You can purchase as little or as much as you want.  All images are chosen by you.  We will guide you as our advice is always free!  No pressure.  No hassles.


Can I bring a friend?

Well of course.  A friend or family member can make you more comfortable (this is very important if you have a little one, if you are stressed your baby will be stressed as well) also a friend is a good helper.


What poses do I choose?

We will help you choose your favorite expressions first.  Most often your first impressions end up being your final choices as well.


What size portrait should I get?

I would love to sell everyone a 30x40 wall portrait.  But that is not practical.  We have all sizes to accomodate the appropriate area in your home where the portrait will be displayed.  We will help you pick the size that is right for you.  We can actually show you how the portrait will look in our "virtual" room using our special projection viewing system.  We can even take a photo of the room in your home and display the portrait before you purchase.


Do I get proofs to take home?

No, after the session we set up another appointment for you to come in to view your portraits in our state of the art projection room.  It's exciting to see your portraits on our projection screen.  It's like going to the movies.  Some of our clients actually brought popcorn!


How many poses will I see?

You will see on average 25-45 images, depending on the session.


Will I have to order my portraits at the viewing appointment?

Yes, bring anyone who is a decision maker as well as family and friends who may want to place their own orders.  Be prepared with an idea of how many portraits you may need for yourself and others.. but also come with an open mind.


What if I can not make a dedision?

On the rare occasion that you are not able to make a decision, we can reschedule a new appointment for you.  HOWEVER, we do have wonderful bonus items and special package pricing only available at your first image presentation.  Additional presentations can be rescheduled with a $45 service fee.


Do you do any retouching?

Yes, all our pricing includes basic retouching. 


Do your portraits come with frames?

Yes, all portratis 11x14 and larger come with a level 1 frame.  You can certainly upgrade to an upper level frame if you like.


Do I have to pay for my portraits at the viewing appointment?

Due to the custom nature of our photography we require 50% down at time of order with balance due upon pickup.  On special situations, we do offer a payment plan.


Do you have a guarantee?

You bet.  We call it the "no nonsense, better than money back" guarantee.  Every effort is made to create portraits you will love and be proud to own and give away to family and friends.  You are going to have these images for the rest of your life and for generations to come, so you deserve to be happy with them.  We will make every attempt possible to make things right.